Professional Dog Training Instructor (PDTI) Certification Exam

What is the PDTI Exam?

The Professional Dog Training Instructor exam allows judges to observe, review, and evaluate your dog training instruction skills and especially your ability to work with your human clients while they learn basic training concepts and apply them to their dogs.  As part of this Certification, applicants will be required to prepare video footage (on a DVD) of actual one on one training sessions with a client and their dog.

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PDTI (Professional Dog Training Instructor Certification)


Who is eligible to take the test?

Applicants must have been professional members in good standing of IACP for one year, have held a CDT certification for one year and have 250 hours of hands on practice as the lead or head dog training instructor for group and/or private classes within the five year period prior to applying for certification.
Some dispensations are granted for NADOI, CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA or higher.  Please see exam for details. 

Maintaining Certification:


IACP Professional Dog Training Instructors must complete 18 hours of continuing education every two years.  Hours may be accumulated by attending seminars, lectures, workshops, conferences, and/or classes offered through educational institutions and accepted by IACP, NADOI, or APDT.  Proof may be submitted yearly or every two years using IACP official forms (no other form is acceptable).  This proof will be sent to the IACP administrative offices for filing and then will be forwarded to the chair of the Department of Education or their designated agent.  CDTA and PDTI CEUs points may be concurrent and combined.
10 hours must focus on:
 a)  Professional Development
 b)  People Skills or Communication Skills
 c)  Instructing Skills                                                                                                                                             


IACP PDTI holders are required to maintain their IACP Professional Membership, remain in good standing with the organization, and abide by the IACP's Code of Conduct and certification policies. It is incumbent upon PDTI holders to be aware of their expiration date and to renew membership before expiration. If your IACP membership should expire, a grace period of 90 days will be extended, after which your PDTI will be voided and you will be required to reapply and retest for the PDTI.


Any investigation of purported violation of the IACP Code of Conduct which results in a member being removed from the IACP membership shall also include removal of all IACP certification. Any sanction placed on an IACP Member resulting from violation of the IACP Code of Conduct, shall also have sanctions placed on all IACP Certification Status. See certification rules and policies on this website.