IACP's Sponsorship Information

Why Sponsor IACP?

IACP is the group you want to reach when selling into the multi-billion dollar pet dog market. As canine professionals, IACP members purchase and influence many millions of dollars in sales. The general public consults our members when selecting training equipment, toys, grooming tools, supplements, food treats and more.We have three levels of sponsorship, Silver, Gold and Platinum, each with their own value added benefits.
By selecting an economical IACP corporate sponsorship, you ensure that your marketing message stays in front of our members. Each IACP member directly affects the buying decisions of up to 100 pet owners per month. When you do the math, you’ll realize that partnering with IACP is just good business.
Our job is to help you increase your sales. For more information on sponsoring the IACP, the Annual Conference or any specific function within the 
Association such as Dog Trainer Education, please contact our Head Office.

All Corporate Members and Sponsors will have a link on our web site
For More information on Corporate Member & Sponsorship Opportunities contact
Martin Deeley, CEO - martindeeley@mac.com

or the Home Office (512) 564-1011